Welcome to Giveaway Jungle!

Photo Credit: kaje_yomama

Photo Credit: kaje_yomama

There are a million giveaway sites out there, why does the world need another one? All of those sites will list anything and everything under the sun.

We won’t.

We will list one giveaway a day with only one rule – the prize must be worth at least one hundred dollars.

No $10 gift cards here. While I’d never turn down a $10 gift card, we all know it takes the same amount of time to enter a giveaway regardless of the prize. Wouldn’t you rather spend your few minutes trying to win a prize worth $100+? I know I would. I also know I’d rather have my win be used on a $100 prize. 🙂

That’s why I created Giveaway Jungle. I will search the web for the best giveaways and only list the ones where winning will mean a prize worth at least a hundred dollars.

So come join us!

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Head Monkey
Jim is head monkey here at Giveaway Jungle and loves searching the Internet for the best giveaways worth at least a hundred bucks. He posts the giveaways on the site as well as writes the weekly blog posts helping you get the most out of your giveaway time!

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  1. Aiman

    I would really really love to win the cold hard $100 cash! I seriously need the money now and thanks for this wonderful website, 🙂

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